My work documents the human scale of the places where I live and travel. It continues an investigation, through painting, of the relationship between sky and land, between interiors and nature. I am motivated by light on water, intimate spaces, thresholds, atmosphere and most recently, the visual richness of neighborhood life. The shape of a house reflected in water, a glass bottle left on a kitchen shelf or the front stoop of a row house can become memorable through a luminous quality, or an echo of a human presence.

The forms of landscape and interiors can facilitate reflection. Marks create a history: physical embodiments of action and rejuvenation. Connections occur between the present and a lost past, between taking in and communicating. The working process can be a meditation.

In the studio, it is possible to respond to both the immediate surroundings and large-scale phenomena that impact life in irrevocable ways. Using the imagination to observe the mystery of reality, I look to deepen the relationship between the exterior world and the interior life.

I study everyday life through the forms of intimate spaces.  In reaction to a culture searching for distraction, meaning can be found in nature and everyday life. Environmental and interpersonal violence reinforces my need to reveal the fleeting and fragile quality of life.

The shapes of reality can be mysterious. In the studio or out in the landscape, the goal of this work is to evoke feeling with color, and passion through form and movement.